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A modular home offers many benefits that a house built on-site cannot offer.

The modular construction uses prefabricated modules. Fully equipped with electricity, plumbing, heating and interior finishes, the modules are laid on the foundations and are assembled to create complete modular buildings, sometimes on several levels. Depending on your needs and projects, the possibilities are endless.


Fast construction, which reduces labor costs and provides workers with more comfort and safety.


Year-round construction

Year-round construction, which is an undeniable advantage in the winter.


Robust construction

Modular buildings are more robust because they are designed to withstand the constraints of transportation and handling.


Compliance with strict standards

The standardization of methods and processes ensures that each home is compliant with building codes and standards. Thus, our units meet the requirements of the CSA (ACNOR) A-277 standard, the most stringent certification for modular buildings.



From an environmental perspective: wasted materials and travel (trucks, cars, etc.) are cut down to a minimum. For example, sites experience minimal disruption from the movement of vehicles and machinery.


Better air quality

Modular constructions are carried out almost entirely in the controlled environment of the factory using dry materials. This eliminates the risk of high humidity levels inside the building.


Great design flexibility

The software we use offers great flexibility when drawing up plans. We can design buildings ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated, from single storey homes to multi-level homes.


Meeting deadlines

Your project is protected against any weather conditions: it is not subject to delays caused by temperature or deterioration of materials exposed to the elements.

MCG Houses will also be happy to help you, should you wish to personally carry out certain tasks. Do not hesitate to discuss it with your representative.